Colette Grand Cafe: 5 Things To Know Before You Visit


Celebrating modern French faire and the simplicity of France's national cuisine, Colette Grand Café is a unique bistro and dining experience. Simply put Colette is a must while visiting Toronto. Here's what you should know before you go

PLAN AHEAD Make reservations well in advance. It's a sought after spot anytime of the day especially Sunday brunch.

TAKE YOUR APPETITE The food is impeccable. That's it, that's all. 

PULL OUT YOUR SUNDAY BEST While it's not required, I have noticed people dress up when visiting Colette (which by the way I love!). This is the perfect time to pull out that dress that rarely gets worn • I wore jeans to brunch and felt quite underdressed.

TAKE YOUR TIME Parisians indulge in long meals and Colette embraces the same. Prepare to relax and enjoy the company you're with as well as a starter, main and dessert. Don't forget the dessert.

THE COFFEE, DELICIOUS. THE TEA, DIVINE We sat with a cup of coffee while we waited for our table, and yum. Keep the refills coming. Later I had tea which was quite English, not bitter and was the perfect colour. It's the details in the little things...!

A meal at Colette truly is a dining experience. I hope you have an opportunity to go!

Until next time Colette!