High Point Spring 2015 Highlights


I’ve just returned home from my first visit to High Point market in almost 20 years. My overall focus of this trip was to simply absorb and be inspired however I took away so much more. First of all, the market is huge. Several buildings with several floors, filled with furniture, accessories and everything in between. Secondly, it provides the means of seeing product in person. Sit testing, touching fabrics, opening drawers are just a few of the benefits of in person visits. Lastly, it challenges us to get out of our everyday bubble and consider new ideas and approaches to design, gaining inspiration from the vendors who take great pride in recreating their showrooms every market. It’s THE mecca for interior design and home furnishings and if you’re in the field and haven’t been, I highly recommend you find a way to add this event to your Fall calendar.

My highlights included Zoe Bios Creative (top), Natural CuriositiesDunes and DuchessDesign LegacyMirth Studio and Vanguard. I couldn’t help but take note of the theme of colour and pattern throughout these showrooms, definitely two areas I am passionate about in our design work.