What's On Nyla's Desk?


My desk has a constant flow of drawings, samples, paperwork, files, product information and magazines among many other items. I like to refer to it as inspiring clutter, if that is such a thing. Our current projects are wonderful and exciting which makes the day to day mess much easier to handle than say all the piles that build up at home :) Here's what's happening this week on my desk: 

  • Working on millwork sketches for a new build project in Mount Royal.
  • Drooling over beautiful fabrics samples that just arrived from MEMO Showroom.  
  • Coffee, of course.
  • My Kate Spade spiral notebook is a daily staple.
  • Reviewing lighting plans for our Naramata modern home project.
  • Quick reminder notes for sourcing product. 
  • Chocolate, obviously.
  • The Paper Mate Flair felt tip pen is my new favourite. 
What's On Nyla's Desk, Nyla Free Designs Inc.