Powder Room Inspiration


The proverbial saying “the shoemakers son always goes barefoot” is ringing so true for me right now.

We had an unexpected toilet leak in our main floor powder room last October. We immediately started the demolition process to unveil any further damage. We patched the space to a degree, however I saw this as an opportunity to make over the powder room from it’s original “builder basic” feel.

It’s now February, and the bathroom is still unusable. So yes… the family of a skilled or knowledgeable person are often the last to benefit from their expertise.

Making decisions for my own home is tough. I see so much, love so much and projects tend to become a work in progress.

I do however have a vision in mind and sometimes putting it out there is the first step in moving forward, so here goes!

1. I’m drawing inspiration from DesignLoveFest’s recent desktop wallpaper 2. I am loving this light fixture option 3. Thinking a mother of pearl framed mirror 4. Having a hard time selecting anything other than a brass faucet 5. Varying shades of navy blue herringbone tiles are the one thing installed and looking fabulous.