IDS15 Recap


I once I had someone say to me “I wish you would post in the moment as opposed to weeks (or months!) later”. Well here I go again, posting well after attending the interior design show in Toronto. I’m ok with it though. For me I prefer to write a quality post, reflective of my thoughts and insights and sometimes that doesn’t come right away and I also like to make it pretty. So I hope you find these such posts worth the wait :)

Each year I attend the interior design show I come away with new connections, product and inspirations. There are high expectations to wow us and woo us with anything and everything new and exciting and us designers can be a tough crowd. The way I see it is there’s always something to take away from an event like this, large or small it’s worth going. Here are just a few of my new finds and takeaways from this years interior design show.

Le Pattern: A refreshingly different Canadian company specializing in fine European fabrics, wallpaper, wallcoverings and custom drapery.

1925 Workbench: A dynamic husband and wife team designing and building furniture, doors, and barn door hardware. Made in Canada!

Slik: Boutique market bathtubs and basins in a matte white finish.

Mettro Source: Porcelain and ceramic tiles in a myriad of textures and patterns.

Ikea: Crushing the stereotype with it’s “is this IKEA??” booth designs.

Leah Phillips Design: Debuting her collection at IDS15, Leah is a Toronto based textile designer specializing in print to order fabrics and wallpapers with a whimsical sophistication.

I hope you click on the above links and take a closer look at their product lines and perhaps find a new connection yourself.