Our Favourite Whites


With a plethora of white paint options the task of selecting the right one can be daunting. Slight hues of yellow, pink, blue or green may cloud your vision and leave you feeling cross-eyed and frustrated. When selecting a white we look to our tried and true list and more often than not we find what we’re looking for. Here’s the inside scoop!

Snowfall White: slight undertone of yellow, warm and crisp.

Simply White: the truest white of the bunch, bright without being cold.

Paper Maché: a warm white with a hint of grey, an elegant basic.

Grey Mist: a personal favourite, the perfect combination of warm and cool.

Pale Oak: a silky white with depth and warmth.

Most paint stores offer sample pots covering a 2′ square area to test the colour. It’s the perfect way to be 100% sure you’ve found the right white!

Note: All colours are Benjamin Moore. This post was not sponsored in any way. All supplies were purchased by Nyla Free Designs Inc.