Pantone 2015 Colour Of The Year: Marsala


The Pantone colour of the year is always much anticipated. After the announcement of Marsala, an uproar of negative comments ensued. So much backlash and negative feedback I was shocked at how strongly people felt about this colour . Poor Marsala. It was not looking for fame, fortune and certainly not the utter dismay of the selection from so many.

I for one, am quite happy about Marsala. It’s romantic, rich, versatile and such a subtle way to add colour in everything from modern to traditional spaces. I love that Pantone stepped outside the box of what people were expecting, blues, greys, yellows to name a few, and brought forth an arguably neutral colour with depth and interest.

There is an Essie nail polish called “In Stitches” I’ve seen around Pinterest as a colour representation of Marsala and I love it’s description “Cheeky, blush pink polish knows just how to work it. This elegantly tailored nail lacquer moves seamlessly from day to night and has the neutral nail look all sewn up.”

Cheeky, knows how to work it, elegant, tailored, day or night, and neutral. Sounds like the perfect mix to me!




1.  a dark, sweet, fortified dessert wine that resembles sherry, produced in Sicily.

You had me at dessert.

While you’re drooling over the inspiration board of Marsala inspired images you might be thinking, “how do I add this into my own home?” Good news! There are lovely and simple ways to add one item or a few in order to add a refresh and bring a little taste of “Sicily” into your space. And here’s the thing… it doesn’t have to be the exact colour. Take this as inspiration, not the absolute. Variations of the colour are acceptable and quiet frankly I just love the idea of people introducing colour in their homes on any level.

I’ve already been wearing this colour for over a year in clothing, polish and lipstick and I love the fact that we’ll be seeing more of it in interiors. Introducing this rich and full-bodied red-brown colour into homes is wonderful IMHO (in my humble opinion). Perhaps it will take a year for others to come around to Marsala, but by then there’ll be another colour to complain about.

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