Country House Sitting Room Project Sneak Peek


The process of sourcing and selecting furniture is extensive. We start talking furniture and the use of each space prior to the start of construction. Sounds crazy and wildly premature, however the placement of furniture impacts lighting and electrical as well as fireplaces, all of which require roughing in at framing stage so it's a great idea to space plan and create layouts for each room early on. In essence it's working backwards, however this provides an opportunity for our clients to visualize themselves in the room and really think about how they will use it. It also provides opportunity to make any critical changes at a time when things can still easily be altered. 

Once this has been determined, furniture is put on hold until all finishes and materials have been selected and specified. When it's time to pick up where we left off, we have a solid foundation from our earlier work for our furniture plan which includes measurements and an overall look and feel. We then start the process of sourcing the necessary pieces with these details in consideration as well as of course, budget. 

We recently presented the full furniture plan for layouts, selections as well as fabrics and finishes for our country house project. A large undertaking of 12 rooms including an outdoor space. Phew! So exciting to see this home coming together.

The sitting room, a space adjacent the kitchen and determined to be heavily used by all four family members on a daily basis, had requests of comfortable conversation chairs, lighting for reading and tables for homework, food and beverages. Because the furniture floats in the space, the need for electrical outlets in the floor was important to accommodate the floor lamps. We determined the placement early on in the project which allowed us to plan and make selections accordingly.

This process isn't without it's details and continuous check and balances of budget numbers, sizes, availability, how one piece affects the other and managing the overall look and feel. Our clients are 100% on board with our selections in this space so we're moving on to the next stage of the process. 

Stay tuned for more!