Nyla Free Designs On Social Media


Social media has become a prominent part of our day to day. We joined the phenomenon in 2009, with trepidation, I will admit. The whole thing just felt so vulnerable and exposed. We launched our blog and joined twitter to begin with. Slowly I accepted Facebook and then embraced Instagram.

Now, I love it. I wish I had more time for it. It can be overwhelming with the constant communication, idea building and sharing of information however we have gained many friendships, opportunities and been inspired a great deal as we have grown in our online presence.

I received an email just before Christmas from a past client who told me she loves reading our blog. Honestly that is such a huge compliment because there are days when I wonder “who on earth reads this anyway?. I have to remind myself as to why we do it and the sole reason of building our brand and bringing our personality to life. We love building relationships. That is part of our brand profile so social media has played a huge role in that.

So with this we thought we’d share all the places you can find us out there in the big and crazy world of social media. We love staying connected!


That’s right here! And to let you in on a little secret we have an update and change coming. Stay tuned for our re-launch! Sneak peek here…


Roughly once a month we send out a newsletter with project updates, designer tips and tricks as well as industry news and noteworthy details. Sign up with your name and email address on the sidebar of our website. —>


Probably the platform we use the most. Pretty pictures, project updates and inspiring glimpses into what’s going on in our corner of the world


This is second to Instagram with images and interior design and decor related articles. Trends and design relevant information is our focus along with our own project updates. 


One of our favourite places to hang out. We love Pinterest for all it’s inspiration from interiors to food, parties to fashion. We also use Pinterest to create private boards with our clients to provide a visual representation of the concept development for each project.


Admittedly we post sporadically. In the early days we were connected on twitter constantly. I think that’s where I actually developed FOMO because if you walked away for any length of time you missed a lot! We jump on now and then however it’s not our primary platform. I post personal and business related information here.

We’d love to have you join us on any or all of these platforms! and be sure to say hello :)