6 Ways To Update Your Bedroom


Updating a space from top to bottom is not always an option. Perfectly good furniture is hard to justify changing it even if it is a little outdated or no longer the look you’re after. Look passed the larger pieces and into changing smaller areas for BIG impact. Here are six ways to update your bedroom without breaking the bank:

1. Add visual interest with a graphic duvet.

2. Coloured or patterned sheets are a subtle way of bringing new life to a room.

3. If a ceiling fixture exists, replace with a fabric shade or a light with an interesting shape. Bedside tables lamps are also worth replacing.

4. A statement pillow is always worth the investment.

5. Drapery, although likely the most expensive, is a game changer and ultimately one with the largest impact.

6. If space (and budget) permit, adding an upholstered piece of furniture such as a bench, chair or chaise to a bedroom is a wonderful way to personalize and warm up the room.

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