Lately Loving: 3-Dimensional Tile


Today kicks off another kitchen renovation for the team at Nyla Free Designs Inc. We are thrilled to be working with a long term client of ours again, especially in this key area of the home. Design decisions in other areas have been thoughtfully considered with an underlying artful approach. The kitchen is no exception where we have selected an artisanal, hand made, 3-dimensional tile for a feature wall behind the range. I can hardly wait to share more!

The sight line from the living and dining room is key in creating a visual cohesion throughout the main floor and with the range wall part of this view you can bet we’re paying close attention to the detail, texture and finish of the backsplash. I am thrilled with our showstopping selection! Of course we’ll keep you updated along the way, however in the meantime here are some 3-dimension tiles to inspire.