A Day In The Life: What We've Been Up To


We’re back! As you’ve noticed we’ve been MIA lately because there’s been a lot of action around the office as of late. I find as we get busy, the first thing to suffer is our social media and blog presence. Being busy is certainly a good thing but we’re missing being here and hope you have too.  A day in the life should read “a month in the life” so we’ve got a few insights and small sampling of what we’ve been up to over the past several weeks. More to come with respect to all, however this should whet your whistle in the mean time.

We installed a cottage top to bottom in Sylvan Lake. Here, the stikwood is being installed over a desk area just off the kitchen.

Our vehicles have been filled to the brim with furniture and accessories. No passengers allowed!

This little guy finally made it’s way into his new home. More on our “Funky Spa” installation coming soon.

Our Vancouver photo shoot was so fun and successful thanks to much help from TraceyJenniferWest Elm and the hotel next door.

Photo taken during the build process however our clients moved into their new home last week and finishing touches will be happening soon.

A little sneak peek at our Vancouver photoshoot.

As you can see, it’s been a whirlwind of installations, photo shoots and finishing touches over the last month, not to mention the exciting new projects we have on the go. Hope you’ll stay tuned.

ps. did you notice our website has had a refresh? more updates to come here too!