Before And After: Mid-Century Inspired Dining Room


A stylish Calgary couple with a young family looked to nyla free designs to change up their dining room and create a design savvy space they would feel great about entertaining and welcoming guests into. Here’s the room BEFORE we got our hands on it.

Drawing inspiration from the clean lines of mid-century modern design and looking to infuse colour, we had a blank slate with the exception of the existing light fixture. We lightened the walls and maximized the space with storage and seating capabilities. Our clients selected the artwork, a painting by Canadian artist Rachelle Kearns as well as a large piece of Marimekko fabric over a simple plywood frame. The AFTER:

I was thrilled when our clients embraced the patterned and coloured drapery which makes a strong statement in the small space.

We had a great time putting the finishing touches together with accessories and table settings. Installation was a success and our clients were thrilled!