Behind The Scenes: Photo Gallery Wall


One of the biggest challenges from our recent Sylvan Lake cottage installation was filling wall space. In the TV room we addressed the walls in a few different ways, one being a gallery of photo frames. We arrived with plenty of options (more than we needed) so we had room to play and decide which ones worked best. We laid them out on the floor first to get an idea of the layout. With the help of a professional installer the gallery wall took shape and once the locations were set, it was easy to fill the frames and hang back on the wall.

Here are a few more tips to consider if you’re thinking of a gallery wall in your home:

1. Mix frame choices. Giving the wall character with complimenting frames from simple to detailed adds depth and interest.

2. Shake up the sizes. No need for all frames to be the same. A mix of sizes offers an eclectic and casual feel to a family space.

3. Room to grow. Leave space for the many memories yet to come.

4. Change it up. Choose frames you can easily access to switch around photos as the years go by.

5. Embrace imperfection. An organic approach to the installation means there’s no need to align every frame. Offset frames keeps the wall interesting and fun.

Our summer student Jackie, had a brilliant idea of taking a time lapse of the installation. You can see how it all came together in our video clip.