Lately Loving: Fashion Sketches


I am fascinated by illustration but admittedly it was not my forté in design school. I was much more technical, excelling at drafting and details as opposed to the lose, freehand sketches.

A relaxed rendering of a space offers a visual like no other.

The fashion industry has a similar approach to convey ideas, inspirations and concepts. A loosely drawn figure in model poise comes alive on paper with a handful of lines and touches of colour. Fashion funnels the world of interiors with inspiration in the sense of colour, pattern, lines and details. It’s fascinating the connection, to the point where we see fashion to interior blog posts, clothing designers creating home lines and each colour of the year dually noted in both, on runways and in trade shows alike.

This artistry may be an unexpected addition to wall decor however offers impact in an organic way and a peek into the beginning stages of the world of fashion.

We brought this idea to the walls of a custom closet designed by nyla free designs, with commissioned designer shoe sketches on canvas by local Calgary artist Kim McLean. For our stylish client it was the perfect addition and finishing touch to the closet.

Image credits: 1 l 2 l 3 l 4 l 5 photo by Lori Andrews for Nyla Free Designs.