Summer Solstice Weekend


Summer solstice has become one of my favourite days of the year. It means summer is officially here and we enjoy the day with the most amount of daylight. Last year we hosted a party to celebrate milestone birthdays as well as this special day with family and friends.

Part of the fun of hosting parties is creating the ambiance. The music, flowers, candles, food, beverages and decor elements all add creative touches to any party. Of course the main ingredient is always the people.

We’re planning to do the same this year so today I’m working on all those decorative details in preparation. As we’ve just come off of a difficult week personally, I’m so looking forward to having this time with special friends.

Last year we were lucky enough to have my sister in law (and photographer!), Blynda DaCosta here for the party and she took a few photos before and during the party. Here’s a little “taste”.

Do you have any plans to celebrate summer solstice? Whatever you’re up to, I wish you a wonderful weekend and happy first day of summer!

Photos by: Blynda DaCosta Photography