Modernism Week: Double Decker Bus Tour


While Modernism Week was filled with fabulous tours and events, the double decker bus tour was a highlight of our trip. Sitting on the top deck in the open air taking in all the sites was most enjoyable. Add in the education and concepts of the architecture and you’ve got a match made in heaven. Our tour guide was witty, informative and kept us completely engaged with plenty of humor and insights into the lives of those who helped give Palm Springs it’s vibe. I highly recommend a tour if you’re in Palm Springs for Modernism Week.

A comment from our guide resonated with me…

“Homes are not good because of the era they were built. Going through a thoughtful design process, inside and out, will yield a well built home no matter the year.”

I find myself wondering when the approach to architecture and design became a little less thoughtful. The so called “strip malls” that line our streets have no appreciation to design or architecture. Is that too harsh? During the 50’s and 60’s in Palm Springs, even gas stations hired architects to design their buildings and noticeably stand out as forms of architecture to be admired. I wish the same were true today.

It was so inspiring to see the attention to detail and influences many architects brought to Palm Springs. An approach so special to this city.

Above is our #yycmodsquad contingent. Left to right: me!, Lori AndrewsLeAnne BunnellJacqueline CoreaSarah Ward.