Inspired By: Spain


I needed to take a moment after what felt like a car ride that would never end, with more turns than I could count, trying to hold it together. I wasn't able to fully appreciate the scenery as we entered the quaint town of Cadaques as I was practically green. It was, however, well worth it. 

Inspired By Spain, Nyla Free Designs Inc.

Cadaques is located in the north east of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea, quite near the France border. I had never heard of it prior, and after visiting, I will never forget it. 

The five hours we were in the town consisted of a four hour lunch at Compartir (probably the best meal I have ever had), and a brisk walk through the streets, trying to take in every ounce of this charming seaside gem. 

I have never before been filled with a wave of so many emotions as I have here. I was captivated by this place. The architecture, the colours, the sounds, the view. It was all consuming and so beautiful. As we rushed to the car to head back to Barcelona, I must have left part of my heart. Darn, I will have to go back.

Inspired by Cadaques on many levels, here are some ways to bring it home. 

Inspired By Spain, Nyla Free Designs Inc.