Before And After: Closet To Bathroom


Once upon a time, a third storey bedroom was in need of a bathroom. After careful investigation, the conclusion was to renovate, relocating the closet area to allow for a three piece bathroom for a teen girl. With facilities on the 2nd floor, directly under the current closet area, bringing plumbing up was not as difficult as one might think. Our biggest obstacle was the slopped ceiling which had no flexibility.

The vanity placement shifted from our original plan due to the amount of head room with the slopped ceiling. The sink was installed offset on the farthest point possible on the left to give the maximum ceiling height. 

With no windows, our finish and material selections were white on white, allowing the room to be bright and airy with the exception of the dark vanity to ground the space. The flooring transitioned well from the existing hardwood into the bedroom. With clever maneuvering and a few remaining touches, this bathroom is a welcome addition to a 3rd floor loft space.

The BEFORE: what was once a closet is now a fresh new bathroom space.

Photography: Phil Crozier