Final Project: Jackie Reid


We had the pleasure of attending the Class of 2015 Interior Design Grad Show (way back!) in August to acknowledge the hard work by all the students and not to mention, our own Jackie Reid. No more internships or part-time work, Jackie has officially joined Nyla Free Designs full time and we’re thrilled to share her final project with you today!

It’s funny how time can drag on so slowly but pass you by in a flash. This essentially sums up my time spent in the Mount Royal Bachelor of Applied interior design program. No sooner did I receive my acceptance letter three years ago, did I find myself planning for my final project.

With the ability to create any style of space I could imagine (an extreme luxury!), I drew inspiration from an impromptu viewing of Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 classic “The Shinning” at a small independent theatre. The experience of viewing one of my favourite films in this theatre inspired me to create a space for people to enjoy old and independent movies – essentially the anti-Cineplex, in a nostalgic venue. In addition to the theatre, I wanted to celebrate great food and fine art (two more of my passions!) to create a sensory experience. And thus was born the Beltline Theatre and Bistro Lounge.

With the idea of showcasing older films, I was immediately drawn to a “throw-back” style. I wanted to create a feeling of the old days without being too old time-y, maintaining a fun and eclectic vibe – can someone say Wes Anderson? The concept for the space came from the talented styling and look of Anderson’s collection of films. The pairing of unlikely colours and materials in conjunction with my current favourite wood, walnut, created a winning combination for this eclectic cinema.

To all of those who supported me throughout the past 3 years and at my grad show – thank you! All in all I was able to finish up a unique and rewarding university experience with a project I couldn’t be more proud of.


Congratulations Jackie on a job well done. Not only for successfully completing an intense program but entering a new chapter of the world of design where you’ll be able to put all your talents to work.