Behind The Scenes: My Office Space Reveal


Welcome! Now that we’re moved in and settled, I’d like to give you a virtual tour of our office space so please, come in.

With our office located in the old CFB Calgary (Canadian Forces Base), we embraced the nostalgia of the old school, industrial vibe of the building. Filled with small businesses, many creative, it’s a friendly atmosphere and feels good to be ‘down the hall’ from inspiring people.

Our space is small but I would say it has a big heart. Plenty of room for meetings, project planning and the day to day of a growing interior design firm. So here is where it all happens…!

If you missed the teaser I posted about the furniture and selections for our office space you can see it here.

Thanks for stopping by!

Illustrations by: Brita Thomas; art above console: Pink Twist, Serigraph, Harry Kiyooka, RCA; art above metal bins: Katie Ohe, Ripple Serigraph 1971; art above inspiration boards: Tumbleweed series by Siobhan Humston, all available through Herringer Kiss Gallery, Photography by Lori Andrews.