Obsessed With Interior Windows


I’ve noticed a trend in the treatment of interior walls recently and I’m kind of obsessed. Not just a divider of space, but a way to define as well as allow the passage of light and a view into adjoining rooms. Framed with bold lines, these interior windows frame a space in a non traditional way. As seen below, everything from a shower wall, dining rooms, kitchens, and living areas all benefit from this light filled, ‘see-though’ wall. I love it.

Your turn. Is it too open? Do you prefer the traditional approach to dividing spaces?

via: style me pretty photographed by: Julien Fernandez

via: mad & bolig designed by: Naja Munthe

via: StillStars photography by: Heidi Lerkenfeidt

via: french by design photographed by: Cyrille Robin styled by Marion Alberge and Muriel Cibot.