All Wrapped Up


I must admit, I love wrapping presents as much as I love giving them. I adore wrapping paper, ribbon and any accessories to make gifts extra special. This year we opted for a chalkboard theme for our client gifting, combining black chalkboard paper, classic craft paper and red accents. We planned a few work bee days at the studio to get things packaged and wrapped. The creative juices were flowing with sketches and adornments, we couldn’t help photographing our little masterpieces.

I did the math and realized making caramels has been a Christmas tradition in our home for 20 years now. It started out with a few girlfriends sharing one recipe and now I make four batches all to myself for everyone from clients, suppliers, swim coaches, dance instructors, teachers, neighbors, friends and family. That amounted to just under 1000 individually cut and wrapped little morsels of goodness.

It’s getting close to the finish line folks and I’m feeling (touch wood) pretty on top of things. I have a few more gifts to wrap and caramels to deliver but all in all, I might actually get to bed at a decent hour on Christmas Eve. Here’s hoping!