Before And After: Master Bedroom Makeover


Before Christmas we embarked on a bedroom makeover for a long time client of ours. The goal was to change everything with the exception of the drapery, wall colour and existing carpet. We went to work sourcing products and putting a plan together for the full room in an effort to complete the installation early in the New Year. Regardless of your timeline it’s worth waiting for the exact right pieces. This particular project fell right into place.

The BEFORE feeling dated and dreary.

The AFTER: We transformed a neutral room without a lot of pizzazz or defining details into a fresh, calm and inviting space.

Paring down, adding impact in subtle details and streamlining the furniture has made this space current and comfortable.  Looking for ways to freshen up your space? We’d love to help.

Fine print: Working within a tight time frame requires trust and a solid client/ designer relationship.