Hello Monday


Hello February and happy Monday!

Well, January flew by at the speed of light didn’t it? Was it a blur for anyone else? For us, January was filled with exciting business development ideas and implementations and inspiring projects in full swing. We had a great time in Toronto for Business of Design as well as IDS, so lots to share in the coming days/weeks.

The magic of winter is wearing off and I’m looking forward to the mini mountains of snow everywhere melting away. It feels like we’ve been stuck in winter mode for far too long already and just as I thought Balzac Billy granted us an early Spring, Environment Canada has said otherwise. *sigh*

Thankfully the days are getting longer and we’re on the upswing to warmer temps. Plus I’m feeling very lucky to have travel plans to head south in the not too distant future.

Hope you’re week and month is off to a successful start!

Image credit: helt enkelt