Dinner by Design 2017 Reveal!


When we came up with the concept of "Circus" I knew we were going to push the envelope. With a conceptual theme and one I didn't have much experience with, a lot of time was spent discerning our ideal look. Each decision was thoughtfully considered as not to crossover into a 'midway' feel and honour the fashionably vintage vibe of a carnival with it's quirky ways. 

With as much room as our imaginations could run with we left no detail unturned. From ceiling to walls, floor to 'cage-like' dowels, lighting to furniture and all the finishing touches we hand selected each piece to perfectly carry out our concept. 

NFDI, Team, Nyla Free Designs Inc., Dinner by Design, 2017

Now, let's be clear. Our concept could not have come to fruition without the help of Rawlyk Developments Inc. We entrusted our idea and drawings to them and their team did not disappoint. Set up happened flawlessly and with an incredible amount of professionalism and positivity. We couldn't have asked for a better crew to bring our vision to life! 

We had an incredible amount of help and support throughout the week. Events like this do not happen without an army of people who are not only ready to help in any way but who also believe in you and your (somewhat crazy) concept. 

The gala dinner was an unbelievable evening of fabulous food and wine, amazing friendships to celebrate and the opportunity to share our talents outside of what we would typically design. There was no shortage of conversation or sappy toasts throughout the evening. 

A huge thank you to Module Creative Agency for capturing both the initial process and set up right through to the Cocktail Art party and Gala Dinner events on video for us. So fun to see it all unfold.

An incredible amount of THANK YOU's are required with respect to our space. We are so grateful for all contributions and couldn't have done it without all of your generous donation of time and resources.

Structure & Materials: Rawlyk Developments Inc. 

Installation of Wallpaper: Modern Wall Design

Floors/ Mural/ Wall hangings: Aron Hill 

Media: Module Creative Agency

Drapery: Global Shades and Campbell Dunsmore

Paint: Canadian Tire Macleod Trail/ Southland Drive location

Wallpaper: Cole & SonDWA

Chandelier: Robinson Lighting & Bath

Cake: Tammy Crocker

Vintage finds: Orange Trunk

Photo Booth: Hoot Booth



Nyla Free