Elbow Park Modern Project: Video Reveal


There's something truly special about having the opportunity to work so closely with clients on their home from start to finish. The process from planning on paper to installation and styling has many ups and downs, there are always issues that come up. It's the nature of the beast. Our role at Nyla Free Designs is to collaborate alongside our client, the builder and the architect to ensure the smoothest path to the end result.

Our Elbow Park Modern project was almost two years in the making from review of drawings to installation. We had worked with this client on their previous home, so having the opportunity to work with them again in a larger scope was wonderful. We love to do a final reveal when possible and in this case it was.

Our clients graciously allowed us to video and participate in the excitement of walking through their new home for the first time, fully furnished, styled and ready to move in to. It takes a team of people to complete a project like this and we're so thankful for the opportunity we had to bring their dream to life and LOVED experiencing their reaction. Enjoy the video! 


See more behind the scenes of our Elbow Park Modern project with our FINISHING DETAILS video, and STYLING video. You can also follow the hashtag #nfdielbowparkmodern on our Instagram!

Architect: DeJong Design & Associates

Builder: Insignia Custom Homes

Interior Design: Nyla Free Designs

Video: Module Creative Agency