Off to BlogTourKBIS in Orlando!


The internet and social media is a funny and curious thing. It brings people together in the craziest yet fabulous way. With social media being such a huge form of communication, even from a simple (heart) on Instagram, a favourite or retweet on twitter or a share on FaceBook, social media has never been more powerful. 

Enter Modenus, a forward thinking design resource and online mecca of designers, brands, suppliers and social media power houses focused on bringing people together through connecting, educating and collaborating. I had the privilege of being a participate on a BlogTour to London for the London Design Festival in 2012 and WOW, what an experience! From tours, to forums to trade shows and boutique stores, we met incredible brands with incredible products. On top of this, I can't underestimate the incredible people I had the opportunity to meet, get to know and continue relationships with even though we are separated by miles. 

Nyla Free Designs Inc., BlogTourKBIS, Modenus, #designhounds
Nyla Free Designs Inc., BlogTourKBIS, Modenus, #designhounds

Today I'm thrilled to be heading to Orlando for my second BlogTour experience. I have never attended KBIS {Kitchen and Bath Industry Show} and I can't wait to learn about new products, meet new people and soak in all the knowledge and inspiration I possibly can in three days. I can't think of a better way to kick off the New Year learning and gaining inspiration to circle back and share with you! You can follow along by way of these avenues:

  1. Instagram - from posts to stories to maybe even my first live video?!?! you'll see things hot off the press. 
  2. Blog - watch this space for more detailed posts and information about trends, what we've seen, learned and been inspired by. 
  3. FaceBook and Twitter - we'll send our instagram posts and blog posts to these platforms too! 
  4. Hashtags - #BlogTourKBIS #designhounds #nylafreedesigns #nfditravels 

So essentially, if you follow us on any of these streams get ready for an influx of kitchen and bath design and a very enthusiastic crowd of BlogTour participants ready to document our whirlwind adventures. 

I am so grateful to the team at Modenus for including me in this years tour as well as all the fabulous and generous sponsors: KBIS | Wilsonart | Thermador | Metrie | DXV/ ASB/ Grohe | Mr Steam


Follow along for more interior design ideas and inspirations. 


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