The Most Colourful Faucet: Grohe Essence


You've more than likely heard of the most photographed celebrity, home, city or landmark, but have you met the most photographed faucet? A kitchen faucet is not always synonymous with colour, however Grohe's Essence hit the internet and social media streams with a flurry of excitement because of exactly that. Colour! The way Grohe has combined fun and function in this faucet is fabulous. I expect to see it again at KBIS where it will be greeted with even more designer paparazzi!

Nyla Free Designs Inc., Calgary Interior Designer, Grohe Essence Faucet

So what's so great about it? 


  • It's available in nine colours including black and white. 
  • The base of the faucet is chrome, however with a hit of colour it's anything but basic. 
  • The style is sleek and modern, but not too modern. It's overall versatility fit well with several design styles. 


  • It's flexible extended comfort spout is easy to use 
  • Seamlessly switch between spray and regular water flow
  • Available in the GROHE StarLight Chrome and SuperSteel InfinityFinish
  • The rotating lever handle eliminates backsplash interference

We select and suggest a lot of faucets when designing kitchens and bathrooms however it's not always easy to test drive them before they're installed. Having the Grohe Essence in our own office kitchen will give us the opportunity to share all of its benefits first hand with any clients curious about whether it's the right kitchen faucet for them. I am quite smitten by this faucet and we were of course thrilled to see yellow as an option in their colour range. It couldn't be more perfect for our office kitchen! Here's a peek!! 

Nyla Free Designs Inc., Calgary Interior Designer, Grohe Essence Faucet

The blush tile backsplash is the perfect backdrop for our new yellow faucet. We're loving this unlikely combination! 




This post is not a sponsored post. We are excited to highlight the products we chose for our office from an education and brand building perspective for the loyal suppliers we have built relationships with and who have supported us in this next chapter. Grohe is also a sponsor of BlogTourKBIS in Orlando. We're excited to see more from this brand during our visit! 

Follow along for more interior design ideas and inspirations. 


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