Selecting Artwork with Nyla Free


Purchasing original artwork makes me happy. Regardless of the cost, overall look, medium or who the artist is, there’s something truly special about falling in love with a piece of art and seeing it go from the gallery to the walls of your own space.

Discovering your style and preference of art is not only educational but fun too. Embracing the learnings about the artists, their process, what is moving them to create and seeing how all of this transfers to the end result is quite a fascinating experience.

I’ve had my eye on Lauren Walker for a number of years, purely because I was drawn to her colour and pattern combinations. At her most recent exhibition at Herringer Kiss Gallery I fell in love with a piece when I saw it online.

Hear more about my visit to the gallery to see it in person and learn about the piece itself, as well as the artist. I was surprised by the message and underlying tone of the piece and while slightly taken aback I was drawn in even more.

Art evokes emotion. Art stirs conversation. It may be a memory, an inspiration, a belief or simply something unexplained you’ve been captivated by. Listen to those nudges, ask questions and get involved in learning about art!

Attend Openings

Galleries host opening events when a new exhibition graces their walls. Get on the mailing list of a few galleries to stay abreast of all the happenings. When something piques your interest, attend the event to enjoy a night out and learn more about the work you admire.

Buy What You Love

Art is a personal purchase and different for everyone. Staying true to what speaks to you will yield the best investment in original art. There really is no right or wrong.

Talk About It!

See something you like? Strike up a conversation. Whether it be a fellow event goer, a gallery owner or the artist themselves, dive into a discussion about what resonates with you about a particular piece. Learn about the art and the artist. Research is a great way to further your knowledge of art in general and give you an edge in discussions, increases your communication skills and you never know what you might learn in return. Win win!

Video credit: Module Creative Agency