4 Areas to Hang a Gallery Wall


Gallery walls are alive and well. When meeting with our interior design clients we often receive requests for a gallery approach to wall decor. We love pulling them together as each and every gallery wall is completely different and a reflection of our clients life and style. Whether a compilation of collected art, fun prints or family photos we love embracing what makes our client's personalities stand out. We've put together some wonderful gallery walls for clients, all in different locales in a home - here are four areas and approaches to consider if you're thinking about a special wall for yourself! 

1. Living Room: Collected Art

Living Room Gallery Wall, Nyla Free Designs, Calgary Interior Designer

Our Briarhill client came to us with many pieces of art work her and her husband had collected throughout the years. During the installation process we created a collage of favourites and connected pieces to showcase front and centre in their living room above a custom sectional. We had most framed or re-framed to offer a cohesive feel and included a few canvas pieces for dimension and texture. Overall, a sophisticated approach to a gallery wall. 

2. Family Room: Camouflage a Television

Family Room Gallery Wall, Nyla Free Designs, Calgary Interior Designer, Photo: Phil Crozier

Televisions are a natural inclusion to a family room setting and are often a black beacon on a wall. With family at the base of our design decision for our Sylvan Lake Cottage, our client provided a plethora of photos to incorporate into the home. Because we were working with a large amount of wall space in the media room, we took the approach of surrounding the TV with almost 50 framed photos (with room to grow) and creating a gallery wall to add interest and give the wall more purpose than only to house the television. Mission accomplished!

3. Workout Room: Playful, Fun & Motivating

Workout Room Gallery Wall, Nyla Free Designs, Calgary Interior Designer, Photo: Phil Crozier

Finding the motivation to workout is hard enough at the best of times, but add in some personal motivation and cheeky prints to run alongside and your workout regime has just been enhanced. Get inspired with quirky quotes to give you a boost of confidence while you sweat it out. We loved putting together this floor to ceiling, wall to wall collage of colourful art prints in our Pumphill clients workout room! 

4. Hallway: Family Photo Wall

Hallway Gallery Wall, Nyla Free Designs, Calgary Interior Designer, Photo: Jared Sych

Hallways are typically wide open spaces and often forgotten in the design and decor of a home. Embrace this extra space by filling the walls with a gallery wall of family photos and memories to enjoy each time you move from one end of the house to the next. I created a gallery wall in my own basement to enjoy photos of family members, young and old and I absolutely LOVE walking by and reminiscing.



Follow along for more interior design ideas and inspirations. 


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