Valentine's Gifts for Your Design Lover


Was it the ancient Romans? Was it Shakespeare? A derivative of Galatin's Day? Some say it was in honour of two martyrs named Valentine who were executed on February 14th (how romantic), while other sources say it came from ancient days of a dark matchmaking lottery. Yikes. There are all sorts of potential origins of this day however one thing's for sure, the industrial revolution was a game changer when factory made cards became a thing. Hallmark jumped on that bandwagon in 1913 and February has never been the same.

Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day is almost a national holiday, without the day off. Whether your special someone is a Valentine, a Gal-entine or even Pal-entine, if they have a design loving bone in their body, why not give them a gift that speaks to that, rather than a box of chocolates, dinner date or bunch of red roses. Our selections are not doused in hearts but rather a mix of glossy red and blush pink tones they'll love all year long. These sweet offerings will not only add to their decor, but also share your love in a design savvy way. 

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