25 reasons to 💛 Mr. Steam


I have a husband with severe asthma.

As an entrepreneur I carry a level stress and it's all in my neck and shoulders. 

We have two daughters, both high level athletes. 

My eldest daughter, a competitive swimmer is currently fighting a cold. Her chest is tight and in the water she's having trouble breathing. We're doing a make shift steam to help open her airwaves.

My youngest is a ballerina and already has a lot of joint and muscle pain. When she was a baby she often suffered from bronchitis which a few times led to pneumonia. 

How could steam make a difference? Here are 25 ways:

Mr. Steam.jpeg

💛  Improves circulation

💛  Assists in recovery from a hard workout, removing lactic acid

💛  Relieves stiffness and joint pain

💛  Removes toxins and chemicals that have built up in your body

💛  Opens clogged pours so they can absorb oxygen, vitamins and minerals for beautiful looking skin.

💛  Fight off colds

💛  Helps manage stress 

💛  Improves breathing

💛   Rids the body of excess sodium 

💛  Encourages relaxation

💛  Improves sleep

💛  Boosts metabolism, burning an average of 150 calories in 15 minutes

💛  Increases muscular flexibility

💛  Clears congestion

💛  Helps to relieve acne 

💛  Helps to relieve pain and discomfort from arthritis

💛  Uses less water than a bathtub or multi-head shower

💛  Eases shaving by softening skin

💛  Can be added to an existing shower

💛  Enjoy the benefits of a spa in your own home

💛  Control from your iPhone with SteamLynx

💛  Add aromatherapy to your steam shower with AromaTherapy

💛  Experience TALA® Bath & Body Rhassoul Lava Clay

💛  Enjoy with their bluetooth sound system AudioSteam® 3 System

💛  The people of Mr. Steam - wonderful! 


So based on the facts above, four out of four of us could really benefit from a steam shower.

My belief has changed. A steam shower is NOT a perceived luxury, or an unnecessary "extra", it's a way of self care and rejuvenation. I honestly don't think the true benefits of a steam shower are understood, appreciated or even known for that matter. A Mr. Steam steam shower is one of the best decisions you'll make in a home renovation or new build. 

And next time I do either of these, I'm adding a steam shower. No question. This may even be the catalyst. 

Who doesn't want to feel good?? 


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