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When it comes to shapes in design we turn most regularly to the obvious circles, squares, rectangles and diamonds, however one shape stands out among the rest with it's three - dimensional profile and angular edges. Facets are long associated with the cuts of gemstones however they have made their way into interior design quite nicely. It is a classic cut, an item with many sides and offers a light reflective quality to it depending on the material. From a 2-dimentional material such as fabrics and wallpaper to a 3-dimensional option of metal, ceramic, plastic or wood, faceted objects are are a great way to add personality and interest to any space.

If you look really close, you might notice that even the knobs have a faceted detail to them!

If you look really close, you might notice that even the knobs have a faceted detail to them!

Last week we photographed our Country House project and I can not wait to a) see the images and b) share them with you! The photo shoot was exhausting but oh, so, fun. In the mean time, I'm sharing a sneak peek into two ares of the home where we introduced a faceted style approach to the millwork. Both the beverage area and dining room console are walnut wood with a subtle facet detail to the profile. It's ever so slight in the beverage area (above) with the point in the middle, and more pronounced on the floating console (below) with the flat centre portion. The play on light and slight detail offers impact without being overpowering. 

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In whatever way, shape or form you like, facets are a wonderful shape to add to your space. We selected some of our favourite products to inspire you to add dimension and detail with the many faces of facets! 

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