Top 10: Earth Day


Admittedly I don't understand all the science behind the earth and what is happening to it. With documentaries such as An Inconvenient Truth and Chasing Ice there's no doubt there are concerns. While it's easy to go about our day to day and wonder what we, as individuals, can do in this big, big world, in a nutshell I think every little bit helps. Whether recycling, reusing and all around just being more mindful, we can participate in keeping this beautiful planet we live on alive and well. In celebration of Earth Day this Sunday we've compiled our Top 10 design savvy, eco friendly items so you don't need to compromise on style to contribute to a healthy world. And what better reason to have a romantic dinner by candle light! 

This concrete rollerball pen from 22 Design Studio, is beautiful in form and extremely convenient from an environmental standpoint. It is a durable design option to the plastic alternative, and given its design, allows the user to replace the ink cartridge when needed.

Baux is a Scandinavian based company producing acoustic tiles made of wood, wool, cement and water.  The natural components within these tiles make this product a great option for eco-friendly design. They are also low-emission, moisture regulating, heat accumulating and fireproof!

Joon&Jung has developed this uber cool speaker, using a combination of ceramic and wooden twigs to project sound. Not only is it composed of organic products, but the design is intended to create a more natural and smooth sound. Win, win! 

Ceramic being a natural product, is a great option for eco-friendly design, as it breaks down after its intended use.  Composed of a ceramic base and solid wood lid, these thermos' from Acera, are inspired by Taiwanese craftsmanship. Their intention, to make the most of the resources we have on hand.

These fun canisters, crafted in India, are made entirely of mango wood with only an enamel coating on the body to preserve the design.  Vivaterra, is a great resource if your looking for green products to add to your home!

This funny little dome is known as the Egloo.  It utilizes the heat emitted from candles, collecting it within the terracotta dome and releases it into the surrounding space. Wooden wicks producing a higher flame than your standard candle, provide sufficient heat and make any space feel comfortable.  They also come in a wide variety of colours and patterns to best suite your style!

Bogobrush is a company focused on sustainable design, providing several alternatives to your standard toothbrush.  All toothbrushes are made up of 100% Nylon fibres, while the base itself comes in a multitude of materials; ranging anywhere from recycled plastics and bamboo to leftover plant material from American farms.

Berlin based designer Werner Aisslinger, designed and created this modern chair, that also serves to be environmentally friendly. In his process, natural fibres (such as hemp) are moulded using heat and an eco-friendly glue forming a durable and structurally sound piece of furniture. Once the intended use of this product is finished the chair is then able to break down to its natural state.

This fun little carpet from FabHabitat is made of 100% recycled premium plastic. The threads are tightly woven giving added durability to the product. As this product is mold/mildew and UV resistant, this carpet can be suited for both indoor and outdoor applications, perfect for any space, and available in a variety of colours and patterns!  

We love candles, and we also love calling dibs on the container after the candle is spent.  Concrete basins are great, as they can be re-purposed into a multitude of things.  Paddywax, sells a variety of fabulous candle options, all made with soy wax, and cotton wicks; making our candle obsession a little more environmentally friendly.



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