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It’s the first, official, full day of summer. School is coming to an end if it hasn’t already, and the lazy days of summer are upon us. 

Or are they? 

Summers are not the same anymore. And they certainly aren’t lazy. For us anyway. Come end of June, I feel as though we’re ramping up rather than slowing down. And this summer is no exception both personally and professionally. But don’t take this as a negative. I won’t go into all the details of our calendar however it’s full. Blissfully full. 

We have incredible projects on the go in the office so no shortage of excitement there and we’ll have lots to share in the coming months.

I am grateful to have an amazing team so we all get a reprieve this summer in some way shape or form, and we have the systems in place to keep things running smooth in the world of interior design. 

On the personal side, our eldest daughter is a competitive swimmer. She’s moving into championship season with three big meets in July to wrap up the pool season. This year, however, she was selected for her first ever Junior National team to compete at the World Junior Open Water Championships in Israel early September. So August will be full of training for her in preparation, and the first time she will train through the entire summer with no break before school starts back up again.

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So with this, do we pack in one more trip, one more expense (a big one) and head to Israel? We’ve always tried to go to her highest level meet each year and this one is certainly her biggest yet. 

I’m at a tug of war with myself, our calendar and our bank account. Help! 

It’s really, really far. It’s quite costly. It’s not great timing. I don’t know how easy it is to even watch open water swimming. Are we crazy to go? 

It would be amazing to be there to cheer her on in any capacity. It would be an incredible place to visit. And when would going to Israel even come up as an opportunity ever again? Are we crazy not to go?

I’m such an opportunist that typically this would be a no brainer.  Any advice? I’m all ears. 

I’m opening up the comments below and would love your thoughts!

And I think I may have roughly two weeks of lazy booked already, so that’s a good thing.

As we head into the weekend, here are some great articles I've read as of late for your reading pleasure. Happy weekend! 

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