Property Brothers: Guess the Interior Design Style


If you follow us on Instagram you may already know of our involvement with the Property Brothers. We're collaborating alongside interior designer Jonathan as art directors for a fabulous home in Calgary, helping to bring it back to life for a young family. The selections are made, drawings complete and we're into the next stage of the project. Things are moving fast and furious! It's been so interesting seeing the behind the scenes on a popular HGTV show like this and I have to say it's a well oiled machine. Every detail, process and procedure is considered and we can't wait to start seeing things take shape.  

The premise behind Property Brothers Buying & Selling is to renovate a home in an effort for the owner to receive maximum value and benefit for resale out of the renovations, while real estate agent Drew, finds a new home for the clients. Win, Win! 

One thing we're excited about is to be able to work in a design style we don't normally work in. It's allowed us to push our creativity, embrace something different and use other design muscles so to speak. Admittedly, at first we were unsure, however now we are LOVING IT! 

While we can't reveal anything at this point with respect to the overall look and feel we thought we'd have a little fun on the blog with a guessing game of which style you think we might be working in? We've included four images below, all in different design styles. Any guesses as to which one we're embracing for this project? Comment below! 

Traditional Interior Design
French Country Interior Design
Colonial Interior Design
Shabby Chic Interior Design

Shabby Chic Design

There are two sets of four episodes being filmed in Calgary. This project is one of two we'll be working on. The second will be starting soon so we'll be sure to keep you as up to date as we can on that one too!

Don't forget to tell us which design style you think we're working with on this project in the comments below!