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Everybody needs a ‘command central’ space in their home.

Whether this looks like a room in and of itself, a multipurpose space or simply a small surface within another area, home offices come in all shapes, sizes and styles.

Having a space, and a place for bills, homework, to-do lists and all the paperwork that accumulates on a daily basis is essential. Whether you have kids going back to school or simply love the idea of getting back into a Fall routine, September is often a fresh start, much like the start of a new year.

With a new school year soon to be underway, blank notebooks are ready for pens to make their mark. Is it time to revisit an area in your home to get organized for the day to day tasks at hand?

I love this time of year. While I relish in the summer months I do celebrate the fall and all it has to offer.

Style, function, location… all things to take into consideration when designing a home office. While there are many more aspects to consider during the design process, we have our top tips and favourite current accessories to get your home office space into ship shape and ready to be as organized, and stylish, as possible!

  1. Designed to Suit: Considering the room size, requirements for storage and expectations for function, are all necessary details when designing a space. From the smallest to the largest, how you work or organize daily family happenings is important in order to design the best possible space.

  2. Storage Style: Organization comes in many forms, including file drawers, boxes, trays, baskets and many more. Itemizing your needs and allocating space for each, is an important part of ensuring not only storage, but also meeting the aesthetics of design.

  3. Multipurpose Mindset : A home office can easily be combined within another space in the home. Consider kitchens, pantries, hallways, stairwell landings and guest rooms as options to house your day to day home office needs. Get creative with your existing space!

  4. Perfectly Personal: One is most productive in a space that they want to spend time in. Decor details are important in order to create a polished space, specifically suited to both your personality and style. Interests such as travel, reading, writing, photography, music, sports, etc, can be embraced in your own way.

Nyla Free Designs, Country House, Office round up

We took a two tone approach to the finish and material selection in the home office of our Country House project combining white and walnut. We included white cork behind the desk area for to-do lists, inspirational quotes and memories.

Nyla Free Designs, elbow park modern, Top office design details.

Our Elbow Park Modern project boasts a large home office with desk area for two, in a space that also embraces a lounge area to relax and unwind. The best of both worlds!

Nyla Free Designs, Varsity estates, Top office design details.

We can’t help but love a full wall of built in storage in a home office space. Offering storage, display, and presence in a space, this room in our Varsity Estates project is stylish and functional.

Nyla Free Designs, windsor, Top office design details.

This Windsor Park space was designed to accommodate working from home in the evenings alongside children doing homework. An extra deep desk extending off a wall of built in storage and shelving is the ideal layout and space

Nyla Free Designs, lakeview,  Top office design details.

For the love of books! This space from our Lakeview project was designed specifically for our clients extensive collection. From novels to biographies, travel books to art history, no need to go far when in need of inspiration or education!

office accessory loves, office round ups
  1. Mouse Pad | 2. Stapler | 3. Shelving Unit | 4. Journal | 5. Task Lamp | 6. Basket | 7. Container | 8. Tape Dispenser | 9. Calendar | 10. Clock | 11. Tray

Looking to get organized? We can help! Get in touch via our contact page so we can bring your space life!


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