Friday Link Love: Vacation Edition


It's been two years since I last read an issue of FLOW magazine. Every time I'm in Chapters I look for it, yet it's nowhere to be found. I've been on vacation in California and picked up a copy at Barnes and Noble. Once again I have read it cover to cover and once again I am left with contemplation, mindfulness and wonder of not only my own life but the world around me. 

FLOW magazine is about creative people doing extraordinary things. Not necessarily big things, but small things that make a big difference. Whether within their own family, their community, their city, country or some in fact do stretch across the world, the magazine celebrates the good in the world. Because there still is so much good and positive things happening out there. 

The very first article was about starting small and that it just takes one person to start a movement, bring together a group of like minded individuals, make a meal for a friend, or reach out with a simple smile. 

I have trouble putting myself out there. I'm not usually the one to instigate something and I'm highly introverted. Yet my brain is full of ideas. My hope is to take just one to the next level. To start. To make a small difference whatever that may be. 

I should really subscribe to this magazine so I can keep being inspired by the positive differences many, many people are making. And with this, there are so many more that are not being shared.

California Palm Trees, Nyla Free Designs Link Love

Also in this issue of FLOW were several full page images of California Palm Trees. Here is a photo I took during a visit to Balboa Island last week. I just can't get enough of palm trees. 

Happy weekend from sunny California! As we enjoy our last few days before returning to Calgary I'm full of love and laughter from being away for two weeks with my family. I hope your summer has been wonderful.

Enjoy these links below!


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