Lately Loving : Animal Print


One of the latest trends in 2019 is animal print, and can we just say we’re LOVING IT!! Its versatility, classic patterns and neutral tones make it a great choice when looking to update a room. It works in almost every style of home and while it does add a bold, graphic pattern, it remains sophisticated and timeless.

This print is making a statement in the worlds of fashion and interiors and we can’t wait to see more of this classic pattern throughout the year. Whether you add a little or add a lot, one thing’s for sure… we think people will be wild about it!

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Decorative Boxes:

Animal print boxes are a great way to infuse this trend into your space with low commitment. They offer stylish storage and a hint of print.

TIP: Layering different textures and patterns add dimension to an interior. Boxes also make an ideal decor item for any shelfie!


Toss Cushion:

Looking for a fun way to style your sofa? Toss cushions are an easy way to update upholstered pieces, a front door bench or even a bed with a few animal print toss cushions giving your space an elevated look.

TIP: Layer animal print toss cushions with fun fur’s and striped styling pieces to give your space that wow factor! Don’t be afraid to play up the patterns!



We love a good black and white patterned wallpaper! Filling the walls of a room with this animal print is sure to turn heads and create an amazing backdrop for the rest of your space.

TIP: Looking to add impact to your powder room? A small space is the perfect place to play with prints.


Side Chair

Talk about a statement piece! Use one at a desk, two as head chairs, or fill the a whole table with wow-factor chairs and seat cushions upholstered in animal print.

TIP: A fun alternative: vintage pieces make the perfect addition to a room. Reupholster a flea market find in your favourite animal print fabric and you’ve got an instant update.

We’re excited for the opportunity to play more with this print. Cheetah? Giraffe? Leopard? Do you have a favourite?

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