Instagram 10k!


Have you ever had an idea pop into your head that makes you giggle a little?

As we were approaching 10k followers on Instagram I got to thinking of ways we could celebrate this milestone. Wanting to do something unconventional and fun, I thought, “how about we create a human 10k?”. (insert laughter here)

The few people I mentioned it to thought it was hilarious, including my team. With some reservations and a “plan B” as back up, we ventured off to capture this fun idea on film, and we had a blast!


We have a lot of fun as a team. We’re really close in and out of the office and this makes my heart happy. The comaraderie we have at Nyla Free Designs speaks to our brand values which extends through to the relationships we build with clients and suppliers. Our goal is to not only share the designs we are grateful to work on everyday, but also the special connection we have with each other on our social media platforms so you can get to know us better.

We love our Instagram community so much and we can’t wait to continue to connect with our followers. Not following us yet? Link to our Nyla Free Designs Instagram profile here!

And don’t miss the chance to enter our 10k giveaway. Find the details on our Instagram Stories.

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