About NFDI

Nyla Free Designs Inc. is a full service, Calgary based, boutique interior design studio specializing in residential design. Our project base includes, new home builds from the ground up, renovations, as well as furniture and decor in Calgary, Canmore, Central Alberta as well as Vancouver and the Okanagan. Our collaborative approach to projects means our primary focus is working for and on behalf of our clients. A strong understanding of budget is key at the onset to ensure value as we move through the project. We work closely with builders and contractors as a liaison, ensuring the end result connects to the initial vision. 

Each and every design firm has a unique approach to their design process. We outline more about our services and what makes us different below. 

WE COMPLETE PROJECTS seamlessly end to end

We pride ourselves in taking a project through to completion from entering the ground all the way to accessory styling and installation. One of the first orders of business in a large project is furniture planning. While this sounds premature, furniture placement dictates so much in areas of plumbing, electrical, fireplaces and windows, items that are decided on and roughed in long before furniture is ordered. This provides our clients an opportunity to "walk through" their home visually and picture themselves in each space with a perspective of how they'll use it and what items must be considered. When we’re officially ready to move to the furniture stage we are well on our way to completing the vision with art, accessories and finishing touches. 

We have strong systems & Processes so there are no surprises

We've spent years putting pen to paper in an effort to create a document for office reference outlining our approach to the design process. Regardless of project size or budget, this is a go to resource. Ask five designers and you'll learn that each one works differently. For that reason we developed our own binder of systems and procedures, providing seamless projects and a reference point of what works best when moving step by step through the design process. Our Nyla Free Designs Inc. manual is an essential tool in outlining our methods from the start of a project all the way to deliveries and finishing details. 

Nyla Free Designs, About Page
Nyla Free Designs, About Page

We have an expert team ready to bring your home to life

Our team is built on design experience, education, effort and enthusiasm. With over 30 combined years of experience in design and over 20 years in administration, our team is knowledgeable, efficient and creative. We have received such accolades and opportunities such as design contributor to Dabble magazine, television appearances on CityTV's Breakfast Television, shortlisted for Western Living's Designer Of The Year in 2011, selected for Modenus' BlogTour London design week festival in 2012, publications in local magazines such as Avenue Magazine and Homes and Living, as well as Western Living and Western Living CONDO edition. We also share expert advise with Style At Home and The Globe and Mail for articles regarding trends and other design topics.

We work for and on behalf of our clients

With no two projects ever the same, we work closely with each client to determine the concept and create a polished space specifically tailored to them. We work thoughtfully and creatively to provide our clients with the best possible selections for their space with respect to finishes and materials all the way to furniture. This process is not a "piece meal" approach, rather selections are made in a cohesive and collective manner so rooms are presented to clients in their entirety. We also solidify a budget early in the project to ensure value and respect of the bottom line.

Nyla Free Designs, About Page
Nyla Free Designs, About Page

We have strong and trusting relationships

Having strong, long lasting relationships with our clients is one of Nyla Free Designs Inc.’s most important values. Residential design is an emotional endeavour, therefore having solid connections is key in building trust and moving forward with confidence. We pride ourselves in having repeat clients resulting in multiple projects and continued success. We have loyal relationships with suppliers, trade showrooms, manufacturers and contractors who go above and beyond to accommodate us and our clients wherever possible.

Our Step by Step experience includes the following, depending on the scope of each project: 

  • Initial Consultation

  • Signing of agreement, receipt of retainer and commencement of project

  • Review of plans, meeting with Architect/ Builder regarding scope of project

  • Preliminary furniture planning

  • Review of budget

  • Selection of finishes and materials, appliances, plumbing, lighting etc.

  • Drawings, including CAD and sketch up renderings as required

  • Specification packages

  • Millwork drawings and details

  • Sourcing of fabrics and furniture

  • Presentation of estimates and furnishings/ materials; collection of deposits

  • Placement and tracking of orders

  • Site visits, general walk through and site meetings as required during project

  • Receiving and storing of orders

  • Accessory sourcing

  • Furniture delivery, window covering installation and accessory styling

  • Deficiencies walkthrough

  • Resolving deficiencies

  • Photography (either by NFDI or professionally shot)

Have more questions? We'd love to learn more about your project!